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Room to Grow Mother’s Day Benefit Breakfast!

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On Friday, NECCO attended Room to Grow‘s “Celebrating Inspirational Women and Mothers” benefit breakfast at The Taj Hotel in Boston.


Room to Grow’s tagline is “building a strong foundation for babies in poverty.”  They are a non-profit organization committed to enriching the lives of babies born into poverty throughout their critical first three years of development. Support they provide benefits the children as well as their parents.

Throughout the morning, many women spoke about their experience as mothers and how thankful they are to have Room to Grow as part of their lives. Attendees were able to see the strong and overwhelmingly positive impact Room to Grow has made on the lives of not only those who benefit from the charity, but also on those who donate and volunteer.


The breakfast raised money that will support the organization’s many initiatives, from physical supplies like clothing, books and toys to extensive social work and support for children and their families. All in attendance were noticeably proud that they could help give Room to Grow the assistance it needs to complete these wonderful efforts.

Guests of this great event were treated to a SWEET surprise on their way out: Haviland Thin Mints! Room to Grow even dressed our sweets up in lovely wrapping to show their guests how much they appreciated their attendance and support.


The “Celebrating Inspirational Women and Mothers” benefit breakfast was a wonderful experience for NECCO, who was extremely proud to support an organization that has such a positive impact on members of our community.

Head to Room to Grow’s website and find out how you can contribute to this great charity!


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